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    Ok, subject says it all.

    Curious what you other folks do about split-nuts ?

    I pretty much already know the answer.

    Currently I had bought a couple dozen brass split-nuts from a guy in Georgia, Johnny Kleso, at Rex Mill.

    When I use bronze I have to make my own, so I belong to a local metalworkers group and got some help from some nice gents. One guy is amazing, and I saw this setup he has on youtube. This guy is one of the most amazing luthiers I have met, and a great help.

    This wouldn't be as easy as buying them from a CNC shop, but I could make them a HECK of a lot easier than I do now...BTW, he sells these to people with antique banjos for $20/each. <yikes!>

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    Hi Alan,

    Way back I used to make "poor boy" split nuts like Leif described on his NorseWoodsmith blog (can't find a link at present)

    You get 3/16 threaded brass rod and some 1/2" brass, thread a section of it and then part off to make some blank nuts, then you silver solder the nut..

    Cut some screwdriver slots, and you have "poor boy" split nuts.

    Recently I have turned a few from brass rod, but not very efficiently.. the motivation to make more is hampered by the fact I bought a quantity from Mike Wenzloff, and still have plenty left.

    Also, I do the odd bit of brass and bronze casting, and at one time cast a few to see just how it went, worked fine, and finish machining cast blanks would I daresay be faster from a production viewpoint, particularily if you could rough cast the thread, and then just do final finishing passes on the lathe.

    Have a look for Lui's thread in this section of the forum, he did some stunning medallions for a handsaw he made.

    Hope that gives you a few ideas... (CNC lathe would be good too :) )

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    I did the same with Johnny Kleso, but have given most of them away.
    Threading is still a problem, and would be back to the die head like used in the video above.
    I'll look for Lui's thread. Yeah, a CNC lathe would be nice, but probably overkill for this task.

    As a start, I bought a used turret tailstock for my little South Bend 9A.

    I'm looking for a die head and box tool. The box tool used in the video above was made by Frank, but since he got this Boyer Schultz that uses carbide inserts.

    Keep in mind that the washer will still be needed to be threaded and slotted, but I think that can still be done and I could still make the split-nuts in a reasonable amount of time.

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    Well with Mike from W&S not really filling new orders the only person I know of offering them is tools for working wood.

    Joel sells 7/8" saw nut assemblies (includes 2 each: Bolt, Nut, Lock Washer) for $11.95.

    If anyone has other options I would be interested in hearing them.


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    LN also sells them, $5/each on their site. Look under the saws, they list them for each one. The Tenon saw has slotted heads, so make sure you get the small ones from them if you order from there.

    I may be able to offer them in the future, but it won't happen quick I don't think. Probably at least another month before I can get setup and get all the tooling I need. Tooling is king...