Slack Sellars and Graysons

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  1. Barleys

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    Slack, Sellars

    Thanks very much for the additional info.
    Builds up a picture. Wish I could explain it!

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    Rescued another relic from being consigned to the dump, due to its interesting W Greaves & Sons medallion.

    No name found on the blade, but since the blade back is not properly aligned with the top of the handle, it is quite likely a replacement (I haven't cut off the top rivet to remove the handle and check the screw holes yet)

    I removed the medallion and cleaned it (it was black with oxidation, and is now too bright, but should mellow with time). Looks to me that this medallion was original to this handle as the handle recess fits precisely.

    Close inspection of the open handle reveals a few indistinct tool marks, that indicate that the open handle is a modification from an original closed handle (maybe a piece of the original lower ogee had broken off and this was a fixit solution). The nib in the middle of the fishtail below the grip is uncommon, but matches the handle on Fred's nice example, so I think this saw was likely originally a twin of Fred's
    greaves.JPG greaves2.JPG greaves3.JPG
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    Hi Kiwi,

    A wonderful find.

    The saw screw placings look about the same as mine and the handle has the little hanging nibby thing in the centre of the fishtail.

    Without wishing to teach maternal progenitors to suck eggs, I cannot believe that there is not a name on the blade.

    My stamp is very superficial, almost bright struck. Perhaps a little more rubbing??

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    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg Hi guys
    I've been meaning to follow up on this, now historical thread, for some time but have now pulled out my finger. Fred I have a, what I think is an exact copy of your saw but not quite as good condition but never the less the same.
    I've not been able to take good photos of the stamps but the are the same as your, with the "s" but not sure if it's bright struck, seems the same to me but you guys be the judge.
    Cheers ....Chris
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    This is indeed very like Fred's (the original of all this long posting), right down to the rotation of the medallion (surprising neither was fitted what one might call the right way up).
    I regret my original remarks about Fred's, which I can now see there is no reason not to accept this as made by Slack, Sellars & Grayson(s) and badged/factored for Greaves, who didn't make their own saws. And I think (now) that the split in the handle of Fred's is simply because the medallion is so large. What is slightly puzzling is the finishing of the screws – the medallion obviously couldn't be finished flush, but the other screws, although flush, don't show any finishing marks of the file, which would have been the normal way of doing it. Was it just a case of very careful managing of the depth of the screws –one of Chris' is slightly proud, so maybe the handle fitter didn't quite manage it in that one case.
    Interesting to see the word "Improved", which otherwise, to my memory, appears only on backsaws by Thomas Turner (Suffolk Road).