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Discussion in 'Saw Makers Forum' started by ray, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. ray

    ray Administrator Staff Member

    Hi All,

    I received an email from Dominic, which I'll quote in part...

    "Over the past couple years I've amassed a bunch of saw handle templates. These templates are in PDF format and feature drilling patterns with center points (for the curved areas), grain direction arrows (to help locate the handle on the blank) as well as other neat features that can help the would-be saw maker out. When I made the web site I made a special page to host them. The handle scans are available to everyone who wants them for FREE. They are located HERE:"

    "If you want, please fell free to tell your users about these free saw handle scans"

    So, a gratefull thanks to Dominic, much appreciated.

    I can see a few templates there that I'll be keen to make use of.

  2. TraditionalToolworks

    TraditionalToolworks Most Valued Member

    Yes, a nice resource to have! Some very nice handles on there.

    I have to admit, my handles are typically done by eye/hand, I draw them first, and then cut out a template.

    Mine aren't rocket science, so I don't have any fancy drilling patterns or anything.

    Nice to have a resource for people to pattern their handles off though, and especially one that is freely accessible. ;)