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  1. fred0325

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    Hello all,

    I found these on the Ausatralian Ebay site. Here is the link for as long as it lasts.

    They are for sale on a Buy it Now for AUD 1,995.

    Lovely hammers. Silly price.

    Are the handles curved so that the whole head drops square onto the saw plate, thus minimising the risk of putting a dent in it by the corner/edge of the hammer hitting first. (I have done that many a time). If not this, why are they curved??


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  2. TraditionalToolworks

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    Interesting, those all have curved handles on them. the style I have seen more and what I have bid on in the past was a dog head style hammer, used by saw makers.

    I'd like to have one, but won't spend too much. One day...;)