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  1. greyhound

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    Hello all,
    Another London based maker?
    This is a 14" steel backed saw in pretty good condition and still sharp enough to cut 2" softwood block.
    The makers stamp reads "Preston London" and is similar is style to some other saws from London makers Hopkinson and Turner.
    It does not look like a saw from E.Preston, Birmingham (planes and tools), nor G Preston (Sheffield) a Tool dealer. There are 2 entries for Preston London in BSSM —
    James Preston 1864 - - 1879 — plane, saw, mech. tools manufacturer
    William Preston 1855 - - 1906 — tool retailer
    I was wondering if anyone has a similar saw and have an idea of it's origins

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  2. Barleys

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    This has to be one of the puzzlers, I think. It's one of those saws that's difficult to date with anything like precision (nothing new here!), and as far as I can see it would fit with the dates of either of the London men you mention – sometime between 1880 and 1910?? I've not felt that I could put London saws that were probably factored (as this one could well be) into the true manufacturers such as Hopkinson, Copley or Hill.
    Having said that, it's a first for me, and a nice saw, and I'd be grateful if Greyhound could let me lift his nice picture of the mark (I've found that using screen shot, I can get quite a high quality image).

    Thanks a lot Simon

    PS from the appearance of the material, and the date, I'd guess that the back is wrought iron, not steel.
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    Thank you Simon.
    The back does look like wrought iron to me as well. It is quite thick and heavy. I sharpened the saw yesterday and the steel seemed (when being sharpened) very similar quality as both Groves and Eadon I re-toothed and sharpened at the same time. Cuts nicely tool.
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    Here is another with the same marks.

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