Foley gauge - help required

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    I'm trying to get a Foley model 32 re-toother back into service and things would be a lot easier if I had the gauge that determines the offset required between the carrier bar and the toothline of the mounted saw. It looks something like the below picture from the handbook. All I really need are the dimensions and I can fabricate one, but I'd really appreciate it somebody had access to one and could post some pictures of it.

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    If you're using a Foley, the gauge sets the teeth 3/4" above the carrier. You can do the same by using a piece of 3/4" wood, just set the carrier on the top of the board and allow the saw plate to slip down to your bench, and then tighten the carrier up. I don't think it's that critical, but I use a 385 retoother, I believe 3/4" will work. Try it.
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