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    Hi all
    I found a hand saw in an antique mall which is a little unusual ( at least to me).The saw has a 26 1/2 inch blade, 4 PPI and has a Wilson Hawksworth AND Moss stamp. These are the only marks on the saw. It has a London style handle with 4 split nuts, no medallion, although there is a 1 & 1/4 inch circle scribed into the handle butted up against one of the screw nuts. I capitalized the AND since that is the way it is stamped on the blade. I am going to have to learn how to post pictures because I know that makes quite a difference, maybe I can get my grand-daughter to show me.
    Boyd R.
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    Hi Boyd,
    Check BSSM and Tweedsdale Directory of Sheffield Cutlery Mfgs.. Wilson and Hawksworth were started in 1825 and were cutlers. Around 1829 Moss joined as the US sales representative and became a partner, at which time his name was added, possibly just for the American market. Ellison joined in 1846 and the name changed to Wilson, Hawksworth & Ellison. Moss left in 1853. Mine is a 10" tenon saw and also only has the three names marked. Saws apparently were always factored.

    Nice find; you don't see them very often.

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