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    I was at the craft in NJ this weekend and one of the members said to me that that whats left of the Disston works was scheduled to be torn down. I've been there in the past but figured the weather being nice I'd ride my k75 over to take a few pic.

    I grew up in this area so I had see the large stone wheels when sailing on the DE just didn't know till recently that they are the remains of ground down wheels used for tapering saws!

    Most of the building don't have name plates but you can see some of them have large metal keystones with the "D" in them. These days a few of the building are used for truck fleet storage or impound lots.

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    Looks pretty run down Joe, that's kinda cool that you grew up in that area.

    Disston could be considered the first Meglamaniac in the U.S., or at least the first successful one! ;)
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    Thank you for the post. The Disston methods are something I am quite curious about. Especially when it comes to the tapering of his saw plates and draw tempering.