Woodward, VR Crowns

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    I sometimes pick up rusty old saws for the fun of looking for a blade stamp/etch, if they're cheap enough. This 28" 3-1/2 ppi nibbed ripsaw has a replacement handle, fairly straight blade with some rust pitting and a concave toothline, but was mine for a $1 bid. Turns out it has an interesting blade stamp.
    The name appears to be "WOODWARD" which may be a sawmaker, a retailer, or a trade name, but I haven't been able to find a likely Woodward in the usual references. Unfortunately, pitting obscures the area where "sheffield" might have been stamped, so its possible the saw was made elsewhere
    Also, the 3 crowns surrounding the name are each accompanied with the letters "V R" (VR presumably stands for Victoria Rex, the queen of England at the time of the saw manufacture)
    Any ideas on origins for "Woodward" ?
    Any other examples of saws having crowns with V R ? (or other tools marked similarly)