Wheatcroft with William Rex mark

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    Hello all,

    This is the only saw that I have seen with a WR mark as opposed to the normally found VR mark.

    This fits in very well with Wheatcroft - John and Sons in BSSM who are recorded at 28 Arundel Street in 1833. This also fits in well with William IV being King from 26th June 1830 to 20th June 1837.

    The Cast (dot) Steel probably puts the saw in the earlier part of his reign.

    The saw itself has, in current common parlance, issues. The blade it 14 1/4 inches and the rather in-your-face mess-up at the front of the saw may well mean that the saw has been shortened or, more likely, that a new and slightly longer blade has been put on. The saw screws have certainly been replaced with copper rivets peined ( sp?? can't find this in online dictionaries) into place.

    Still, the WR is a bit of an oddball, to me at least.

    Are there any/many others out there.


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