WDDLER & Co? Any ideas?

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  1. Paul Bakker

    Paul Bakker Member

    Hi there,

    I've been searching for clues about the maker of this saw. But of course the most important part of the etch is too faint.

    It appears to have three crowns (but that seemed to be common in a certain period?), has "Sheffield" and "CAST STEEL" at the bottom. But the makers name I can't read.
    It clearly ends with "& Co" and doesn't seem to be a very long name. Most of the letters seem to have a base (?), Like a "D", "L", "E", but I'm not sure.

    Any ideas of who the maker is?

    CSI_Saw.jpg IMG_3737.jpg IMG_3738.JPG IMG_3740.jpg
  2. Joe S

    Joe S Most Valued Member

    Welcome Paul
    Nothing stands out immediately after a little search but maybe one of the other detectives can see the stamp better. I would suggest it was a factored saw from 1870-90 with the three crowns and the flat bottom handle. I don't know if I am seeing a design in a circle under the name in the 4th pic and if so this might be a clue also. Looks like it is in great condition especially the handle which hasn't taken a beating. We will see if someone else has something to add.
    Joe S.
  3. Paul Bakker

    Paul Bakker Member

    Thanks Joe.
    Yes the saw is in a good condition, and saws like it was made for me. I love it.
    There seems to be a very very faint design in the center, but it is almost invisible, but I'll try and see if I can bring it up a bit.
  4. fred0325

    fred0325 Most Valued Member

    Hi Paul,

    See if you can make "Waller" out of it. If you are sure that there is a "D" or more in there somewhere, then this idea is a none-starter, but on your 4th photo, it looks a little like Waller to me.

    The saw may well be at the earlier end of Joe's date range. BSSM has upper and lower case letters for the word "Sheffield" only from 1840 to 1870.

    The saw, however, looks a little too good to be a Waller though. BSSM puts all the known ones as second quality saws.

  5. Paul Bakker

    Paul Bakker Member

    Hi Fred,

    Most of the upper part of the letters is gone, but the first letter might be a 'W'. The second looks like a 'D' or a 'B'. I can't seem to fit an 'A' in it.
    Somehow it seems a bit like W.BUTLEr & Co, but the 'T' could be a 'I'. And I'm not sure about the lower caps 'r'.

    I tried to enhance the middle image, but there are just too little lines visible. It might be a figure of a man, but that's just a wild guess..

    Again a picture with a different angle and lighting..

    BTW: I ordered BSSM, so hopefully I can search through it pretty soon. I can't wait..


  6. ray

    ray Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Paul,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Nice looking saw with a handle in excellent condition. Sorry I can't make out the name, but to me, it looks like that might be three crowns surrounding the mark, that might give a clue as to date, along with the Sheffield lower case font.

    I think, if my memory serves correctly, 3 crowns were used over a wide period from the earlier part of the 19th century 1820's - 30's ish, and then again later around the 1860's - 1870's or therabouts,

    The font style used for the Sheffield stamp with Upper and lower case. I seem to recall Simon noting that style was in favour around the 1860's to 1870's
    So I'm guessing (wildly) that might date your saw to around the 1860's to 1870's.

    Now for the makers name?
  7. Paul Bakker

    Paul Bakker Member

    Hi Ray,

    Thanks for the information.
    I hope my copy of BSSM arrives soon, so I can learn about the history of British saws, and hopefully stumble upon a name that fits the faint etch on my saw.
    If not, no problem, because it's a beauty and I'm very happy with it. How such an old tool comes back to live and work like a charm keeps amazing me.
    I'm also glad to have joined the forum, lots of knowledge here which I can learn from.

  8. Barleys

    Barleys Most Valued Member

    A real puzzle to start us off with, Paul. I'm frustrated at not being able to make any positive guesses, and I'm afraid I also would be surprised if is Waller, as all the Waller saws I've seen and recorded have the name in a straight line, and none of them have the 3 crowns – that doesn't mean you haven't got the first one, but…
    It's maybe also too good a quality for Waller saws, which all look very second quality - or less.
    I've looked through a large number of marks in my photo album, but can't make a guess that's any more likely than possibly GREEN & Co?? But I don't know a likely Sheffield Green of a suitable date.
    I retire defeated. Simon
  9. Paul Bakker

    Paul Bakker Member

    Hello Simon,

    Please don't feel frustrated or defeated. I'm already very happy about the fact that you all put energy in trying to solve the mystery, and that I found out about your book.

    Many thanks,