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    Hello all and especially Sweaders,

    who I bought this saw off.

    This saw has undoubtedly been cut down and which is a pity. It would have been a beauty were it to be whole.

    BSSM has David Ward starting in 1821 going to 1846 but continuing as Ward Payne well into the 20th century. There is no mark quite like this in the book. The nearest font to it is dated at c.1900, but to me the shape of the handle, the fact that it has only two screws and the lack of a place of manufacture makes me hope that it is substantially earlier. I.E. much nearer the start of the company than 1900.

    There are a number of other Wards listed but if this is an earlier saw, none with suitable dates. If it is a post 1850 saw, then it could be any one of too many.

    All ideas/wags welcome.


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