W. Tyzack saws ... handles looking different

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  1. mikey

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    Hello guys,
    I want to show you a couple of backsaws ... the stamp on the spine says :
    " W. Tyzack Sons & Turner, Sheffield, Cast Steel, Nonpareil "


    These two saws have a similar look but also have a few differences :


    The top saw has a stepped area in the handle (S) that is absent in the bottom saw,
    also the central horn has a more arched profile (H) ...
    The last difference is the presence of a medallion in the top saw !!!

    This is the stamp on the spine :
    ... and I know that the stamp is somewhere around 1910 .

    I've asked somewhere alse about the diferences between the two saws but didn't get any reply...
    so I was wondering if anybody has an idea about them.
    Is one of these two saws older than the other ?
    Is one of them a better quality saw ?
    I was just wondering if anybody could educate me on their different appearance !!!

    Any help would be very much appreciated !!!
  2. Joe S

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    Hey Mikey
    This is from a 1921 catalogue so you may get a good idea on the differences in the quality and price.
    I think they may be of the same vintage, just quality differences. Nice saws and in really good shape for 100 year old saws.
    enjoy them
    Joe S.
  3. mikey

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    Thankyou Joe S and my apologies for this late reply !!!