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    I had noticed that other than comments on the medallion thread, I could find no other information on the W. B. Sears saws. Walter B. Sears was a carriage/wagon maker whose sister Phebe Sears married Elisha Pearl Wheeler. Walter was established in the wagon making business at least as early as 1837. I could never find anything connecting him with saw making as he is shown in each census as a wagon maker with employees. As brother-in-laws it looks like Walter Sears and Elisha Wheeler were a closely knit family. Walter and his wife named their first son Elisha Wheeler Sears and this boy died in 1855 at age 11. It could be possible that Walter invested in the Wheeler, Madden and Bakewell business early on as he evidently had a successful business established or it could have been family related, but whatever, it seems very possible, the W. B. Sears medallion originated from this somehow. Thanks. Boyd R., new member.
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    Phil Baker's theory was that a W. B. Sears & Co was making saws in Middletown prior to 1853. New York sawmaker Josiah Bakewell moved to Middletown and acquired the W. B. Sears business and was making saws there prior to joining Wheeler and Madden in 1853 in the formation of Wheeler, Madden & Bakewell - Monhagen Saw Works. (ref MWTCA Dec 2009)
    Wictor Kuc, finding no evidence to support the initial Bakewell / Sears connection, thinks this theory may be overactive imagination (ref WK Fine Tools website)
    Wheeler Madden & Bakewell did produce "W B Sears & Co" saws, and this was continued by the subsequent Wheeler Madden & Clemson company, but the initial source of "W B Sears & Co" still seems to be unresolved
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    Hi Boyd, welcome to the forum. One of the fascinating things about researching the history of saws and saw makers is the detective work, uncovering evidence and making connections.

    Wiktor Kuc, has a very good collection of source material here. http://hus-saws2.wkfinetools.com/MSW-WMC/MonhagenSaw-index.asp

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    A late thank you for kiwi and Ray for your comments. I am still working on getting pictures on the site.
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