Toga brand Saw Made in Sheffield, SST

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    Hi Guys,
    Yet again a weird and wonderful brand of saw, I must apologize as I have not included a picture of the saw complete. I wanted to chance my luck and see if I could find some identification on the saw, it did have an ample covering of filth and rust.
    Alas it did revel a name, but still I am no further forward.
    Toga is the name on the saw, also Made in Sheffield, it has a number it says is a pattern Number, I am not abl to make it all out.
    It also has a Number 9 located right in the center of the etch, would imply its some kind of model number.
    Also has the words, Superior Cast Steel.
    I got the SST which I am guessing could be the initials for the company, this was obtained from the only other refrence I could find, it was a sticker on the handle partly worn, but the initials were correct, below the large bold initials was the word TOGA.
    The Saw is very heavy for its size, it is 12 inch steel back, around 16tpi, it dos feel like a quality piece, I have yet to see how it cuts.

    The closest thing I have come across is by the Taylor brothers, its a brand called Tangonia, made for Export in the main by the looks.
    If any one can tell me any information regarding TOGA, I will be most great full.

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    Hi Steve,

    According to BSSM, Toga was a trade name for tools made by Buck and Hickman. In the 1920's their saws were made by Slack Sellars.

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    Thanks Fred, that made things some what easier for me, I had an inkling, nothing concrete , the style of the handle, from that period, Slack Sellers seem to produce quite a unique style of handle, before they changed the style again to resemble a Spear & Jackson ( I am guessing that might have something to do with being made by machine rather than hand). Minimalist , in reality nothing like Spear & jackson Except in the fact that they atr machine made.