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    Ray et al.
    I figured that if I went through all posts over the years there might be something on this particular "Thompson" saw maker but to my surprise, nothing. It seems this John Thompson, a saw
    maker and "tool dealer in general" as Simon says in the BSSM was from Hull in 1818-1820 and it is now evident, marked his saws thus so. A Francis Smith Thompson at a similar North Walls residence was there in 1841 and it is assumed there is a connection. At this point there is no stamp recorded in BSSM.
    So... this 16in. brass back saw is stamped " THOMPSON HULL LONDON SPRING". The closed Beech handle was probably connected by two split nut screws and in the subsequent years has had the top one lost and replaced by a "newer" nut and bolt. I am betwixt and between on the date of this saw but have a gut feeling it may be a later iteration of the Thompson timeline. You are always welcome to suggest otherwise.
    The seller at this garage sale was surprised I quickly spied this "everything is for sale item" on his workbench and hummed and hawed at the prospect of selling his user saw cause it was still sharp. Feeling the teeth I offered any number of saws in trade if he wanted a sharp saw. It is interesting what people work with and think that some of the their saws are really sharp. We came up with a fair price and no other saws were traded. Hope you enjoy the pics.. it is exactly as found. I may touch up the teeth and wax later.
    Joe S.

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    Hi Joe,

    That's a lovely saw to find! 4 x separate stamps to stamp the spine, that handle looks earlier to me for what that's worth- that sharper bend on the lambs tongue & rounded overall shape to the boss etc.
    I also have a Thompson handsaw that may be early, its just stamped "Thompson" on the plate.