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    I bought this saw recently at an estate auction because of the handle, which showed classic "old saw" lines (a narrow tapered nose, only 3 screws, London pattern base, very small hand hole).
    I was hoping that when I cleaned back the rust I would find an interesting name stamp. This frequently doesn't happen and I've been disappointed many times, but finally the name appeared (in very small lettering, only about 1/16" tall letters)
    It appears to be THOMPSON GRIFFIN& CO over GERMAN STEEL,
    This would date it in the era near the "Thompson Griffin Beilby & Co, Birmingham, 1818-1822" reference in HSMOB
    A saw to beat "Fred's Law"! I'm happy (I'm easily amused :) )
    The grip hole in the handle is only 2 3/4 inches deep, too small to place 4 fingers but comfortable with 3 (photo shows a regular size handle alongside for comparison)
    I don't think the wood is beech
    Another interesting feature is that the rip teeth are filed square across the front of the tooth, but with a beveled back of the tooth (although when this was filed is unknown)

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