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    Please help, found this saw in my
    deceased Grandfathers shed. Any info would be appreciated.

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    Welcome to the forum. You have what looks to me to be a saw in excellent condition and, I would hazard a guess at completely or substantially unused. It also looks as though your grandfather's shed was quite a dry affair, judging from the few rust spots that there are on it.

    Joseph Tyzack and Son (JT&S) started saw making in Sheffield in 1876 and continued (or their brand continued) until the 1960's as far as I can make out from the examples of marks in "British Saws and Saw Makers from 1660" (BSSM). They were located in Fitzwilliam Street and Bowden Street (which I think backed onto Fitzwilliam St.). Both these streets provided names for saw brands from JT&S whose trademark was the "Legs of Man", the symbol of the Isle of Man.

    There are a number of Tyzack's brand marks represented in BSSM. Yours as such is not in there, but there is a Fitzwilliam brand mark that has many similarities to yours which is dated at around 1950. Most of the 1950's/60's marks have "England" after the place of manufacture which could just be a standard marking, or it could also mean that such saws were meant for export.

    What is puzzling me is "A BNTI product". I have Googled it and apart from getting an arms manufacturer the other BNTI's are

    Acronym Definition
    BNTI Blind Nasotracheal Intubation
    BNTI Bnai Noach Torah Institute (Georgetown, CO)
    BNTI Border Network Technologies, Inc. (Toronto, Canada)

    I am assuming that it is the abbreviation of a company that took over the Tyzack mark.

    Perhaps someone else could help us out on this.

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