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  1. summerfi

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    I've been on a kick of making table saws recently. The first picture is one with a pecan handle that I made on commission for a client. The other pictures are saws that I made for my matching sets of saws with walnut handles. Does anyone know why these were called table saws?

    IMG_1316.jpg IMG_1351.jpg 1IMG_1347.jpg
  2. Dusty Shed Dweller

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    The general herd thinking is that they were used to cut shallow curves, ostensibly oval table shapes from glued up slab surfaces. A bow or frame saw wouldn't be of use as the throat depth would be a limitation and a backless saw would be required. I've often wondered about this as it seems very wasteful of timber and the old timers were most prudent with material. I've never seen one of these saws in original condition but I bet that they are filed with a rip or hybrid tooth (rip tooth with a 5-10 degree bevel) as most of such cuts are with the grain and the addition of some fleam would reduce breakout on the rear of the cut when 'crossing the cape' at the ends of the table.
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    Very nice work, Bob. I see you posted your pics back in April, but they are still nice looking saws. :)
  4. summerfi

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    Thanks gents. I do file these saws hybrid with 10 degrees rake and 12 degrees fleam. They cut quite well. These little saws have proven popular with customers. Here are two more I've made for clients, both with figured walnut handles.


    IMG_1851.jpg IMG_1793.jpg
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    I'm very new here my first post
    Love the saws
    I had never heard of table saws before
    The Walnut looks spectacular
    Cheers Matt
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    Thanks Matt, and welcome to
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  7. ray

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    Hi Bob,

    I'm endlessly impressed with the quality of the saws you are making, I really liked the gents saw you posted earlier, and this table saw is just beautiful.

    Welcome to Matt as well.