SJ Mermaid 8in Arris Handle

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    Found this with blade in cracked and rusted condition; bought it for the brass back.
    When I received it I found that what I thought was a fairly mundane handle from the photos was actually arrised.
    No screw through the handle into the brass back ;SJ talk of this new handling technique in their 1915 catalogue.
    There is no room left on the brass for any more script; Reuben Waxman was a tool dealer in Hanbury St Spitalfields; a suburb of London.
    BSSM has the script Extra Cast Steel as 1910 and this seems to fit.
    I have seen a photo of an open handled Mermaid with the extra screw in the back.
    I had this piece of .020 I received from Ron Bontz some years ago; I have a new Pferd Triangular needle pfile which I will test on the 20tpi.

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