Saw ID with "Our Daisy" Etch

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    I've been working with the guys on the woodworking forum trying to ID the maker of this saw I picked up at an estate sale. Here's what we know:

    - 26" blade with nib
    - 5 PPI ("5" is stamped on the top of the heel, same side as the etch, but it's hidden by the handle)
    - Etch shows a circle with a deer inside of it, the words "Our Daisy" above the circle, and "Steel" under the circle.
    - The handle has the look of a Disston #12 handle, with scroll work on both sides (a star half way up the grip on both sides)
    - The WS medallion has a patent date of "DEC. 31, 1867"
    - The medallion and sawnuts are the Glover style, but have a smaller shaft -- about 1/8"

    What the guys at the woodworking forum dug up:

    - The handle resembles some made by E.M. Boynton
    - The words from the etch "Our Daisy" match up with those found on some straight razor blades
    - The words "Our Daisy" were used as slang terms for "the best" during the 1880s (fell out of favor around 1890)
    - "Our Daisy" was found in ads for a particular hardware store

    I believe that covers it. Any light you could shed on this saw would be great.


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    I don't know, but...
    Since the 1867 patent style screws were generally replaced with the Dec 1887 "Glover" style screws soon after their introduction in the USA, the saw likely dates to the 1868-1888 period.
    As "Our Daisy" seems to have been a trade name (on razors at least) sold by Hibbard Spenser Bartlett Co, a large Chicago hardware merchant, it seems possible they also marketed "Our Daisy" handsaws. However HSB would have had the saws made for them by others, (maybe by Disston as a later period HSB catalog shows Disston saws, ...except that Disston handles didn't have both sides of the handle chip carved. Or maybe by the same supplier as supplied the razors, which appears to be a German source, which would account for the deer appearing to be a red deer rather than a whitetail, ....but doesn't account for the american saw screws. Or, something completely different )
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    The handle distinctly resembles this EM Boynton from this forum ...
    although maybe a bit later and less refined.

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    Hey, isn't that a daisy on the larger sawnut cap? ;)
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    Very similar wheat too.

    Good one Paul! :)

    The emoticons on this forum are crap! :mad: Not even a thumbs up. :(
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