Sanderson Newbould Pax Backsaw -- Age?

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  1. enjuneer

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    I just acquired an unused Sanderson Newbould Pax backsaw. It was in the original paper wrapper and still has the hang tag attached to the handle. In reading about the history of the Sanderson Brothers & Newbould company, I learned that it merged with Kayser Ellison in 1960 and that the company was known as Sanderson Kayser after that time.

    Could this saw actually be pre-1960?

    Pax_0006.jpg Pax_0007.jpg Pax_0008.jpg Pax_0009.jpg
  2. Dusty Shed Dweller

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    Can't believe its in that condition for pre 1960. Unless it was kept in a hermetically sealed museum cabinet or something, I've seen virtually new saws leave the factory looking worse than that one. Even the paper lacks brown age spots and pest damage.