Robt Sorby backsaw - age?

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  1. Kerry

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    Hi everyone,
    I was wondering if anyone could help me out with ageing this Robt Sorby 14 inch brass backed saw. I just restored it and I can't quite place the age, though I'm pretty new to this kind of thing.

    Details: Split nut 14 inch brass backed saw with beach lamb's tongue handle. The back is marked ROBT SORBY CAST STEEL SHEFFIELD with the kangaroo logo - small underscore on the T in ROBT. The medallion says "TRADE MARKED KANGAROO" with the kangaroo in the centre. There was no etching or stamping on the plate.

    Photos of all included. The Robt Sorby (not sons) and split nuts may suggest before 1900, but I see conflicting stories about the kangaroo logo being used later.

    I've restored it to use as one of my tenon saws and it has become my favourite to use. Very heavy and stays in the cut with no effort!

    Thanks for any info.

    IMG_2221.JPG IMG_2222.JPG
  2. rob1713

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    Hi Kerry and welcome. I'd say your saw dates from 1900-1910.
    The book 'British saws and Saw makers from c1660' has your medallion with 'trade mark' above the Kangaroo as dating from 1910, the earlier medallion dating from 1870, has 'corporate mark' instead. I have an example of a saw with the earlier medallion but the stamp on the spine and handle style are the same as yours.
    However I may be wrong and someone who knows what they are talking about may be along later to put you straight.
    Yours looks like a nice user saw which will now enjoy a new life
  3. Kerry

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    Thanks Rob, yes putting wonderful old tools to use again gives me a real sense of pleasure. I may have to pick up a copy of the book!