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    Hi all,

    I came across this saw from an Adelaide auction a few weeks ago, it was in a job lot with four other saws. Three of them were in good order then there was this and one other that were a bit on the ordinary side.

    But on closer examination there were some features that stood out. It is a 24" 4 ppi panel saw, with a beech handle that is in good condition with no chips, cracks or missing horns, the saw screws are intact and look to be in their original position, but the blade was badly bent and is well used with a really bad file job on the teeth that have way too much set, but the nib is intact and there is a very faint partial etch.

    The feature that intrigued me the most was the medallion, it reads ROBt TREBOR with a maltese cross and a *
    well I've never heard of a saw maker called Trebor before so I started searching through my copy of Simons book which had no entries for a Trebor, after a bit more searching I came across the section referring to how some manufactures applied odd names to their second line saws such as employee names and names in reverse.

    So my some what limited educated guess is that this may be a second line ROBt SORBY saw. As I said earlier it is a bit on the ordinary side but it has given me lots of enjoyment lightly cleaning, blade straightening practise and research exercise, it will find a spot in the till.

    I would like to hear if any of you have another suggestion as to its maker or history.


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    You're correct, its a Robert Sorby saw (see Simon Barley's book page 540 for a picture of your medallion and a listing of Robert Trebor as a Sorby trade name)
    It was certainly a nice gesture for the saw manufacturers to issue saws with odd names to keep future generations puzzling over the saw's origins. [ I think I get as much enjoyment out of the history research as in the initial finding of a "new" saw:)]
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