Question: Saw Sets?

Discussion in 'Saw Makers Forum' started by rtleach, Jan 1, 2009.

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    Hi Robert,

    Welcome to the forum, that blue somax saw set is the one I use
    mostly for small teeth. The Stanley 42X is pretty good as well
    and some people prefer the pistol grip style to the plier style.

    The somax is a copy of the eclipse 77, and you can often pick
    them up for next to nothing. Although the standard 77 is a bit
    coarse for 20 tpi.

    You can regrind the plunger on the 77 to suit smaller teeth.

    My preference is the Blue Somax for small teeth.

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    I too use the Blue Somax which is rated 12-26pt. You can get one from $12.95 2008
    For anything less I use the Eclipse 77..I have 4-5. It is so smooth . Maybe I will try cutting back a plunger as suggested. Roger