Question: Easiest way to cut spring steel?

Discussion in 'Saw Makers Forum' started by regisand, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. regisand

    regisand Guest

    I just got a roll of spring steel( 6\"x36\" ). What is the easiest way to cut the blade out of it?
  2. ray

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    Hi Regis,

    There are many ways to cut saw plate, this is what I have come up with, I sandwich the saw plate between two pieces of flat steel and run an angle grinder with a 1mm cut off wheel along the line. The steel acts as a guide for the cut, and also acts as a heatsink so that the blade temper is not affected.


    Another way of doing it is to score the line with a carbide tipped scribe and clamp the plate in a smooth jawed vise and just snap it off, the problem with this method is you need a good smooth jawed vise and the bit not clamped in the vise is distorted after snapping off.

    Whatever method you use, you still need to clean up the cut with a jointing file. ( a file clamped in a guide )

  3. regisand

    regisand Guest

    Ray, thank you. I will try to grinder first. It seems like it would provide a more controled cut.