PARKIN & MARSHALL brass back saw

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  1. Piney56

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    Hello all, bought this saw today, can't seem to find much information on it so far. Wonder how long this company was in business. Also bought a panel saw with w s medallion with a blade etching of PRIOR CAST STEEL WARRANTED.I will get pictures posted. Thanks David

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  2. Piney56

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    I forgot to mention the blade dimensions are 10 1/8" along the tooth line,2" at the toe and 2 3/4" measured where the brass back and handle meet.
  3. fred0325

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    Hi David,

    BSSM has a reference to Parkin and Marshall operating from the same premises as William Parkin in 1879, that address being the Crown Steel Works, Sylvester Street, Sheffield. It also has an image of a stamp, dated at circa 1870, of William Parkin & Co. arced over XL.ALL.

    But, BSSM also has a snippet of information that there was, in 1854, a notice in the London Gazette to the effect that Parkin and Marshall was dissolved from 1854 onwards and that the company would thereafter operate under the name Parkin only, thus producing a veritable enigma.

    William Parkin and Co. is recorded as being in business from 1864 to sometime after 1918.

    BSSM also has recorded two Parkin and Marshall stamps (one dated around 1890 and neither quite like yours) and a note that the trade mark XL.ALL was used by both firms. There is no reference to this firm doing an etched blade and so that may well be a first!!


    PS. Lovely patina and shape to the handle.
  4. Piney56

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    Hi Fred, Thank you for your reply,yes the little research I have done seems as maybe they got away from tool making in the mid 1800's and started in the silver plating business. Regards David
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    IMG_1153.JPG I just received a Parkin and Marshall tenon saw yesterday. I purchased it mainly because of my last name being Parkin and my Father's family came from that area in England. It is a nicely made saw. Mine is dark with age but there is no rust or pitting on the blade. The handles horns need some minor repairs to the tips but otherwise it should clean up nicely. I was worried it would be wrecked during shipping from the UK, but it arrived safely.

    I guess there is no way to really put an age to it from what I have read. Anyone want to ballpark and age?


    Brent Parkin
    Regina, SK

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  6. Barleys

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    First things first: I hope that by now David will have been able to clean up the blade of his Parkin & M: although it looks pretty beat up my guess is that it would almost certainly come good, and be a nice thing to go with that handle.

    Any chance of seeing that etch? I'm intrigued.

    And Brent's Parkin & M is indeed a slightly new mark (hope it would be OK to lift it for my database), and I'd hazard a guess at around 1900, give or take a few years. Welcome to the site, and we'll look forward to seeing any more Parkin saws you can acquire.