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    Here’s another for your consideration . It was suggested elsewhere that NewBould and Johnson were associated with one another for a couple of years around 1845 .
    Any info would be appreciated .
    This saw is a little guy with an 18” plate . It’s also marked “German steel “
    The handle is quite small but fits nicely in my hand . ( I’m not a big guy though ) you can see the size compared to a Shurley Deitrich saw that I would say is of a standard size around here from 100 years ago . ( smaller than the large abominations produced en masse today )

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    Nice example. I have a very similar saw and agree, the handle despite being quite snug feels quite good in the hand. Modern saws have too much slop, whereas these are more like an extension of the wrist. I've used it as a model for some shorter bench saws that I use often. The plate is too pitted to find a makers mark on mine though.

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