Need some saw screws

Discussion in 'Saw Makers Forum' started by scottg, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. scottg

    scottg New Member

    And 2 medallions,


    Speaking of screws.................
    Inlaid abalone and 14k? Whatcha think?


    yours Scott
  2. ray

    ray Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Scott,

    Wow, now that's impressive... I got caught unawares and didn't see the coin at first... filing teeth that small is an impressive job. :)

    Abalone and Gold inlay.... now you're just showing off... :D

    Nice work

  3. scottg

    scottg New Member

    Thanks Ray
    But I didn't file the teeth, are you kidding? No way in the world
    Xacto razor saw, dude!
    Very thin steel and tiny teeth that actually cut! Any hobby shop, 2 bucks.

    The 1/2back and tenon saw are fine grain Indian rosewood. But I broke 3 totes trying to do the dovetail. There is only so small you can go before even the grain of rosewood won't hold anymore. Had to go to boxwood.

    The abalone inlay is just remachined regular saw screws. I do it a lot.
    If you have metal lathe you can remachine screws any way you like, as long as its smaller. :D Or make them from scratch.
    The gold eagle medallion is from an intricately cast earring.
    Silver soldered to a remachined screw.
    shhhhhh don't tell. :rolleyes:
    What's too good for us??

    The whole saw is a 1/2 sized thumbhole rip. Coco tote of my own design.
    "If I had to directly copy someone else's saw tote, I'd kill myself!"
    (tm..... me :p )

    So many intricate design possibilities, each a little different, where's the fun in copying?

    The Little Prince
    yours Scott