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  1. Joe S

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    Ray et al
    I have really struggled with the stamp on this early saw. I present this to this illustrious group because I know someone out there can figure it out.
    Lets start with the basics. A 26 inch hand saw, "early" closed beech handle, 4 brass split nut connectors and a nib present. The stamp includes a cast dot steel and a name. To me the name stamp reads" PREHIAH. ULW.
    Any ideas on this name?
    Joe S.

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  2. summerfi

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    Hi Joe,
    You've found a tough one there, but after studying it awhile, I think I have a likely solution for you.

    You started with PREHIAH.ULW. I see the first H as an M. Also, I don't believe the P is correct. Based on it's flat top and the serif on the right side, I'm going to propose it is an E. That makes the first word EREMIAH. That is not a name, but if you add a J is front of it, it becomes JEREMIAH, a common name. Your pictures cut off the area preceding the word, but I'm guessing there was once a J there (or perhaps an I in those days) that has either worn away or perhaps was never stamped deeply.

    Moving to the second word, I don't believe the first letter is a U. It would need a square bottom, and none of the other rounded letters have been squared off. But if you add a diagonal between the two vertical lines, it easily becomes an N. The second letter could be an L, or it also could be an E. I propose an E. The third letter is W, so the name is NEW.

    Now for the important question. Has there ever been a saw maker named Jeremiah New? The answer is yes, and he lives on page 445 of BSSM. His early date also matches the characteristics of your saw. I believe the words on your very handsome saw are JEREMIAH NEW.

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  3. Joe S

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    I k"New" this would be solved and I think you have nailed it perfectly, so thank you very much. Fresh knowledgeable eyes.... problem solved. Probably puts the saw in the 1830-40 range of his operations.
    I can rest peacefully tonight. hahahahahaha
    thanks again
    Joe S.
  4. ray

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    Congratulation Bob and Joe, wonderful detective work. Very impressed, both by the saw and the decoding of the makers name. :)