Moulson Brothers Boxwood Ripsaw

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    I purchased this for the magnificent handle shape even though it had been insulted with some Philips Head saw screws.
    Blade is nice; doesnt feature a Nib.
    When I washed the handle I discovered a first for me - Boxwood!
    I wasnt aware you could ever get it in bits big enough for saw handles.
    James Howarth catalogue 1884 p36 lists Saw handles in
    Rosewood, Mahogany, Boxwood, and Ebony as available at extra cost.
    This catalogue is also interesting as James Howarth advertises as a Steel ,Tool ,File ,Hammer and Saw manufacturer.

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  2. Dusty Shed Dweller

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    Stunning find Tones, boxwood handled saws are exceptionally rare.