Moulson Brothers backsaw makers mark evolution

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  1. greyhound

    greyhound Active Member

    I got a several MB saws some of which I'd like to share for your references.
    I thought it might be interesting to see an evolution / variations of marks from the same maker(s). I know there are much more variations out there, so please add yours to complete this ref post.
    I hope to get some help with dating these saws as well

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  2. steveatkinson

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    Some nice early Makers stamps there, I would even say, if the Moulson Brothers made there own saws at any point, I would hazard a guess that the earliest marks are perhaps them.
    I like the late 18th century early 19 th, the same style as used on the wooden planes that were also made at that time.
    fantastic collection there, nice to see.
  3. kiwi

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    Nice saws Hound,
    The only Moulson Bros backsaw I have is a bit rough, with a clipped split and crooked 10" plate, but otherwise good.... ... ... for display purposes :).
    The spine stamp is the same as one Simon has identified in BSSM as dating c 1880

    P1030484.JPG P1030486.JPG
  4. greyhound

    greyhound Active Member

    Thank you very much for your comments, guys
    I have a couple more MB's — 12" with open handles (which I quite like). These saws have similar to yours, Kiwi, mark but I think they are from early/around 1900s. I will clean them up and post photos when I'm back from hols.