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    A recent purchase from a friend has found me with a new mystery. It was a working saw that he had ownership for over thirty years and decided it needed to be moved on. He offered profuse apologies for a misguided "naval jelly" cleaning many years ago and these are the results. Naval jelly is nothing I have ever used but it does leave an interesting surface result. The saw still cuts a course kerf and this is the way I received it.
    So... It is a 10" steel back, beech open handled saw. The stamp is Joseph Hilton, Sheffield flanked by two crown stamps and a much light German Steel to the bottom right. The open handle is held on with one 1/2 inch split brass screw and a single 3/4 inch split brass screw. A few proud owners have marked the handle and there is a slight chip on the upper horn but the handle is in relatively good shape.
    Looking through all my resources I have yet to find any references to a Joseph Hilton as a primary or secondary saw maker. I suspect it would be secondary saw since the use of German steel. All my gut suspicions suggest a late 19th century saw. If anyone has any help it would be greatly appreciated.
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