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    Hello all,

    Unless you are Christopher Johnson, Samuel Johnson or C.F Johnson, then BSSM is a little unclear as to which of the Johnson marks portrayed can be accurately ascribed to the myriad of other Johnsons which appear in its pages.

    And so I suspect that it will be with this saw.

    If it is Cast(dot) then it should be the Johnson and Co listed as 1828 (1825 to 1833 in effect) and this is what I would like it to be, but the handle style brings us back to the "handle-can-of-worms" opened in the Groves thread here

    This handle is even worse in a way for this date because not only are there 4 screws but the handle does not have a flattened bottom horn, which is a saving grace for the handsaws in the above Groves thread.

    I would normally put the handle at least 20 to 30 years later. But then I have been wrong about so much just recently. Although BSSM does have the possibility of this style of handle after circa 1830 and so I suppose that it could just squeeze into the timeframe.

    All help/opinions as always, gratefully received.


    Then again, if the last letter in the name is an "S" for Sons and not a "C" for Co. then I am even more lost.

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