John Peck & Co. Liverpool factored? Info?

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    I recently purchased a 14” backsaw on an auction site that is stamped John Peck & Co. Liverpool. The importance to me lies with the name Peck. This was my mother’s maiden name and goes back through father and son to the mid 1600’s in Rhode Island where I live.

    I am by no means an accomplished researcher but I do try and do my own legwork whenever possible. First, let me say that I don’t believe this saw was made by the company stamped on the spine. I suppose anything is possible but I think it was made by someone else. Who that someone might be is beyond me. I can find no definitive info on this company. If anyone happens by and has any information on this saw I would be happy to hear it.

    What follows hereafter is not speculation per se, but merely what I have found that might or might not be connected. Barring outright falsehood in the info I found online, I believe it to be accurate. Although not necessarily connected and merely coincidence combined with meager research experience.

    There was a Peck & Phelps office in Liverpool that handled import/ export concerns for the mercantile partnership, begun in 1821, of Phelps & Peck based in NYC. Elisha Peck, one half of the partnership, ran the Liverpool office from 1821-1934. The partnership was dissolved in 1834 after a warehouse accident killed 7 men. One of the assets Peck retained after dissolution was a metal manufacturing plant in Haverstraw, NY that Phelps had built. Upon the death of Elisha’s eldest son, the younger son, named John, took over as head of the company. Subsequently in first half of the 20th century a firm deal in men’s clothing called John Peck & Co. can be found in adverts and such in Liverpool.
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    Hi Charlie,
    Nice research. It wraps around your saw and makes it fascinating. There's nothing like new knowledge to further my interest in early saws and makers. Just like today, those guys explored many ways to expand their fortunes.
    Keep it up!
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    Thank you David.