John Oldfield 9" London Spring Tenon Saw

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    Hi was wondering if anyone had any information the maker of this saw (its not mine by the way and i only have this photo for the moment). The marks are


    I cant find man Oldfield in the BSSM or the update. I would have chalked it up to a secondary line but the marks indicated a high quality saw.

    I did a quick search for john oldfield in the sheffield records ( I have no indication the saw was made in sheffield but i figured id play the numbers).


    I found several Oldfields in the these directories to
    1852 Sheffield trade directory.
    "Oldfield Elizabeth, victualler, Pheasant Inn, 10 Broad street, Park
    Oldfield John, file cutter, 22 Gray street
    Oldfield Joseph, (j.) 8 Bowden street
    Oldfield Thomas, auctioneer, Corn Exchange, Broad street; house: Lord street
    Oldfield Thomas, saw handle maker & beerhouse, 84 Allen street"

    John Oldfield is listed as a file cutter (im pretty sure this a trade that associated with saw making) living on gray street in multiple records between between 1852 - 1875

    Thomas old field is Listed as a saw handle maker living at 84 Allen street between 1845 -1875

    Richard groves and sons have multiple addresses on allen street including 63 allen st very Thomas Oldfield's address at 84
    The Sheffield Indexers - Welcome to

    john oldfield Cast steel Warranted London Spring.jpg
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    Interesting puzzle Gareth. Can you share a photo of the handle? How does it compare to Groves?
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