J. Carrington backsaw

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    Hello all,

    I bought this as a longshot as an English saw. The seller described it as such but the photo's were indistinct enough for me not to see that the cast (dot) could well be a small hyphen and the base of the handle, if British, would have made the saw very decidedly 20th century.

    I know that the US w/s medallion should have been a bit of a giveaway, but it is possible to have such things on British made export saws. Never mind how and when they got on them

    So rather than pre 1830's British it is possibly pre 1870 and American.

    As saws go, it is not too bad a one. A little light and insubstantial possiby, but clean and with quite a straight blade.

    I am told that there are US Carrington's (whereas BSSM has no British ones). Any information on any Carrington of whatever nationality will be greatly appreciated.


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