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    This 12" 13ppi backsaw was in my pile of drek (and maybe it should return there) but when I finally got around to looking at it I found a couple of details that are intriguing.
    The stamp on the spine reads "BEST" over "GERMAN STEEL" with three crowns surrounding. All capitals, no place of manufacture. ("German Steel" is 28mm length)
    The spine tapers by about 1/8" (13/16" at handle to 11/16" at toe), and it has a chamfered lower edge.

    I didn't find any "sawmakers" named "BEST",
    but there was John BEST & Co, Sheffield filemakers, 1825,
    or Thomas BEST, later joined by John and James BEST, table knife manufacturers 1825-46,
    or perhaps this is a quality designation stamp.
    (The handle is no help as it appears to be a replacement, and modified from a closed handle too)

    Any guesses/comments/suggestions ?

    P1030614.JPG P1030612.JPG
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