I think I found a Harrison

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    Hello all,

    I am a novice woodworker and was in need of a course toothed rip saw for breaking down stock. I found an old hand saw that was 5 tpi for a reasonable price and picked it up. Once I got it home I was taking a look at it in some good light and found a stamp in the saw plate. It is hard to read, but I believe it says Harrison. There does appear to be a crown above what I think is Harrison and is that "D RE CAST STEEL" underneath? Unfortunately, the plate is broken where the nib would have been to the tooth line. stamping.jpg saw.jpg Can any of you shed any light on my recent purchase?

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  2. David

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    Hi Lingo,
    That die stamp is hard to read, but it could certainly say Harrison. I know Harrison back saws were often marked "D Refined Cast Steel", which seems to be how your saw is marked, uncommon for a hand saw. So my guess is that you are likely correct in your reading. It's the first Harrison long saw I've ever seen. Congratulations, and thanks for showing it to us.
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    Hi Lingo, Congratulations on a great and very rare find. Simon's book has Harrison, John & Son as operating from 1760 to 1817.

    The handle is very much the style you would expect on a saw of that era, and worthy of note is that it looks to be in fine condition.

    As for your need for a saw for breaking down stock, I would put that one aside and look for something a bit less exotic than a rare 200 year old saw. :)
  4. Lingo

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    Thanks for the info. I guess I need to make a home for it and continue my search for a saw to fit my need.