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    hi everyone
    I acquired this saw some time ago and thought I would seek some opinions as to date and maker and if anyone else has a Howell stamp with the double L.
    I know BSSM has Joseph 1799-1828 and Mary continued to 1834 so I'm unsure as to attribute this to either of those two or not? Is there another Double L stamp out there?
    Look forward to your opinions...
    Cheers..... Chris

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    Hi Chris,

    In the entry for Howel in BSSM, reference is made to the spelling of his name. As far as Joseph goes, it says that Howell with a "ll" comes from the directories and that he invariably spelt his name on his mark with only one "l".

    However Mary, his presumed successor from 1832 to 1834 has her name spelt in BSSM with 2 l's ( and actually, in her entry on p. 337 so does Joseph.)

    Those are the only two London Howel(l)s, but there are two Sheffield Howells as well and the Sheffield "Howell & Co." is listed as from 1879 to 1895. This coincides with the time period when it was in fashion for Sheffield makers to put "London" on their saws.

    So, where does this ramble get us. It is probably not a saw made by Joseph if BSSM's assertion on the spelling is correct.

    It may be Mary but there are no marks attributed to her in BSSM.

    I don't think that it is the 1879 Howell & Co. as the handle looks well pre 1840 to me. (Unsupported WAG).

    The other Sheffield Howell was well into the 20th century and so it is almost certainly not him.

    I would have to go for Mary, unless you have an extremely rare Joseph misspelling.


    I have 3 Howel saws and all are 1 "l".
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    Thanks for your reply Fred,much appreciated. My money is on Mary as well tho still a ? so that's why I thought I'd throw the line out into the deep pool and see what came back...