Hill table saw and an unknown london flat with 2 screws

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    Hi everyone,

    I've received two interesting saws that I was hoping someone might be able to help out with dating and or identifying with any information. Photos of both included.

    The first is a 10 inch table saw stamped HILL. Beautiful handle shape and in pretty good shape. I have seen the Hill late Howell saws ,but not just a HILL stamp. Although I have a copy of BSSM in the mail, I couldn't wait to see what people here think of this one.

    The second saw is 18 inches long with a london flat handle and looks exactly like the gentleman's saw with two screws in Smith's Key. I can't see any mark, but the plate is quite pitted and seems very malleable. I'm not sure if I should start fine sanding the plate to look for a mark, or if I should just leave her be. Unfortunately the handle was broken, but it was beautifully crafted.


    hill1.jpg hill2.jpg hill3.jpg london1.jpg london2.jpg