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    Hello all,

    This saw could be old if you go by the stamp, but if you go by the handle it is probably around the turn of the 20th century.

    It has the orange yellow varnish that I dislike so much and the fishtail at the bottom is starting to flatten out which is another feature of the saw of which I am not enamoured. ( The dictionary tell me that this spelling is wrong. But I like it this way).

    No - I definitely did not buy this saw for the handle.

    I love the mark and, of course there is some doubt as to who Hill is.

    There are surprisingly few Hills listed as either Ironmongers of Saw Manufacturers in the 1890's in London.

    There is Joseph V. Hill of the "late Howel(l)? fame, and a wholesale ironmonger James Hill (Old Street) in the 1891 Post Office directory p 1931. And these are the only two.

    HSMOB has J. V. Hill going to 1905 and in the 1899 directory James Hill looks like he is part of Hill and Cozens p 2412.

    So, is it either or neither of these? Does anyone know if J V Hill changed his stamp at any time to Hill only?


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    (North London News 27 October 1860)