Help please - identifying maker of "James Gregg" 14" backsaw

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    gregg_handle.jpg . . . . . . having enjoyed searching for then reading the "gregg" references in these forums; I'd be grateful for input on possible makers for this saw: the cutlers who sold it under the accidentally delightful mark:


    . . . traded articles with that sort of stamp from perhaps around 1853 (earliest possible date) to 1883 (last); and described themselves in an 1862 advertisement as a: "tool & saw warehouse"


    . . . the saw, to my surprise, is of high-quality & bears markers of being London-made (or explicitly made for the London trade): the timber of the handle is very full-thickness - still 15/16" in parts - with a cosy three-finger grip and long top horn. The under-bevel'd brass back is heavy - 15/16" x 11/32"

    I cannot call to mind a maker who used this pattern of two dissimilar flat saw-screws, of 7/16" & 9/16" - does it jog anyone's memory? The timber of the handle appears - I have not dared touch the umpteen layers of patina (&, sigh, the traditional paint) - remarkably coloured.

    (Edit) I bought this saw thinking it might have been manufactured by J V Hill - after comparing it to 3x of his 14" Sash saws I'd say: no

    (Edit 2) have dived in & the components of this saw feel v Sheffield, albeit handled & presented for the London trade. Back (alone) weighs around 475 grammes. Top fastening a strange size - pretty well exactly 12mm
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