Help id london pattern handled 26"crosscut with 4 split nuts no medallion faint stamp

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    Hello everyone I know this may prove to futile if anyone has any thoughts on this old guy id love to hear them because im stumped. As i said in thread title it has a London pattern handle (top Horn Broken off) with 4 split nut screws all the same size (1/2") filed flush and no medallion. I think this could indicate its from the first half of the 18th century from reading Simon Barley's "British Saws & Saw Makers From c1660" of course it could also be of much more recent make.
    The stamps on the plate are very faint and so far i have not been able to get them to show up in photographs at all. The makers name is stamped straight and horizontal and is deepest on the right lower side. The last three letters of the makers mark are clearly "SONS" the person I bought it from said it looked like it read "COLSONS" i cant find any makers named COLSONS. I think it is more likely "&Sons" with an M Or N preceding but cant be sure. CAST STEEL is faintly stamped horizontally below the makers mark and there is possibly a very shallow SHEFFIELD stamp underneath the makers name but above CAST STEEL. So far all i have done is put a thin coat of pasting wax on the plate but am wary of doing anything further because i dont want to make the stamps even harder to read. Thanks in advance.

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