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    What can you tell me about this 18 inch saw marked "Gray Dalton & Co."?

    Simon lists a "Gray, Dalton, & Gray" in BSSM, stating that the company was found in a single directory from 1818-1820. Is it likely the same company?

    Gray_Dalton_0001.jpg Gray_Dalton_0002.jpg Gray_Dalton_0003.jpg Gray_Dalton_0004.jpg Gray_Dalton_0006.jpg
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    Enjuneer et al.
    Nice saw. Simon in his BSSM has no pic of the stamp that your saw has. The later stamp is is just of the Gray and Sons..... sans Dalton. That company was at the same address in 1821 so it really doesn't leave a lot of room to be present in between. It could also predate the 1818 date if the company had only just started and so nothing published in any directories as the start up began. Looking at the saw, my gut tells me this is a 1818-1820 iteration. I would also think a curved name stamp is relatively rare for early saws. Some early Kenyon's were curved so this is a nice contribution.
    Enjoy this saw.
    Joe S.
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    Nice saw, I love those old handles with the big cheeks. That looks like a nice saw. Hard to tell if it was actually canted or just sharpened that much and continually more was taken off the front. Really nice saw.
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    EE5C1858-113F-4383-8D73-3BAECD2D457A.jpeg 4CEA9CDC-FFB2-4C11-9CC2-73856BFCABED.jpeg Guys

    I have a 16” Dalton anyone have any info on this.