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    I really hope the "saw gods" are truly not annoyed with me now. All of us never like a pompous "know it all" and I think I have committed such an offense. Last week on my daily walk I happened on a mid week garage sale which is very unusual here. Nothing to speak of so as per usual, I ask if he have any old tools. The vendor said not really but I have an old saw he is willing to sell. In he goes and brings out a wonderful untouched brass back saw, stamped G. Hadfield, Glasgow. In my tempered enthusiasm, I expound on a stamp I have never seen... "oh... probably a 1900's hardware store that has had their saw factored and stamped for them ....blah blah blah. Most of the saws were made in England, Sheffield being the primary region etc." He said the only reason he had it was because of his Scottish heritage and he was willing to part with it for a $20 bill. Sounded fair and off I went with my new hardware store treasure.
    Boy, was I wrong.
    Get home and checked here first and nothing. Went to Simon's BSSM and sure enough find that G Hadfield was a Ironmonger, Cutler , Edge tool and Saw Manufacturer in Glasgow from 1831-1853. I now need to rethink the possibilities that there were a few more makers than I believed. It also makes me wonder if George factored saw for other people in Scotland rather than Sheffield and Birmingham being the only major centers.
    Looking at the saw, it has a nice G Hadfield, Glasgow Cast steel, Warranted stamped into the brass back . Typical open handle in beech with two brass connectors. I am thinking this was probably made in the later years but I have been obviously wrong. I can only hope that the saw Karma isn't going to bite me in the future. Just keep my mouth shut.
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