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    Spammers started using the server a few days ago as a means of sending spam email from the domain, this large volume of emails ( I deleted about 240,000 of them :) ) this tripped over google's security system, which lead to the security warnings. But a subsequent scan of the system revealed that other software had been uploaded to the server as well, so the only safe thing to do was to take everything off line and do a complete re-install, which unfortunately meant breaking some of the older systems like the coppermine gallery, so I'm going to install xenforo's image gallery instead and migrate the user galleries across.

    When I finish, I'll re-submit the site to google's security system, and the malicious software warning messages will disappear.

    As a matter of course, I would advise all users of the site to make sure their anti-virus software is up to date.

    Also I notice that any emails which contain the phrase "" will result in a security warning.

    Regards Ray
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