Files for backsaw toothings

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    I thought I'd post about files for sharpening typical backsaws. I've been using a few new ones lately and have been very impressed.

    In the image below the files (from L to R) are a Vallorbe Swiss-made watchmakers escapement file, Vallorbe Swiss-made 10 mm triangular needle, Grobet 4" XX slim (source unknown). For comparative purposes Pferd 5" XS (Germany) and Nicholson 6XX slim (US made and unfortunately extinct) are shown.

    I use the Pferd 5" a lot as this is a very versatile size (10-15 ppi at a pinch), covering a wide range of toothings. They are good files and uniform in size and shape but some suffer from edge chipping so go gentle with them.

    4" is great size for 14-16 ppi but the Grobert files I can source are patchy in quality and shape. Note the fat edges on the one shown. The good ones are excellent - they are cheap, very hard and last, but some are warped or have over-width edges. Looking for a better alternative I now use the Vallorbe 10 mm needle as they are a better shape and more consistent and will easily do 18 ppi. Yes they are very expensive, but the edges are perfect and they are toothed all the way to the tip.

    The Vallorbe watchmaker's files are works of art and simply superb (and at $25 each frighteningly expensive) but if you want to do 20-22 ppi DT saws this is the one you want.

    Happy filing, Dusty.


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    I use the needlefiles only. The big F. Dick are 11.20 € at Dieter Schmid. The same files like the vallorbe label.
    But files are no long time tools.
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