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    Hi everyone
    Been guilty of ready and not contributing of late so thought I'd share this great piece I got a few years back. At the time I had not got Simon's bible yet so was limited on research material but had a hunch it was worth going the extra yards for. I had never brought a saw with a broken tooth before but thought I might be onto something special.
    What I believe might be unusual on this saw is the maker has also stamped the base of the handle, which is also helpful with dating it as of the three Morey's in Simons book there is only one with E as a first enishal for Ephriam. 1853-1861.
    The broken tooth is towards the heel and does not effect the cutting to any great way and is a pleasure to use. 28" crosscut and flies through Australian box and iron bark with ease.
    Hope you enjoy...

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    That's an interesting one – and not at all common, I believe. The marking under the handle may (guessing here) have been put on by a repairer/sharpener, as I have seen this on a very few other saws from London, eg this one, which is actually a very early Groves, marked with what I assume is the owner's name (Preston) and the name of the saw doctor.