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    Ray et al
    I couldn't resist this saw for the cost of a couple of coffees. It is the first saw I have with one of the decorative handle saw plates. I have gone through the archives and haven't found any that match this particular pattern. Simon's book has three different varieties and says this this was probably meant for the gentleman hobbyist. The 26 " saw has seen better days and unfortunately the "blade Patina" has obscured what marking there might have been. I am wondering if anyone from this learned group can match the pattern to a particular maker. There is one dome nut missing on the other side and I hope to be able to match one from a pile of old misplaced nuts.
    Joe S.

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    What a grand old saw, Joe. I keep a folder with pictures of decorative side plates. Of the dozen or so I have images of, none are just like yours. Some have names on them, so the maker is obvious. I've seen others without names that were used by more than one maker. If you find a maker's name on the plate of your saw, please let us know who it is.

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    I don't know which to admire the most;
    the saw
    "..for the cost of a couple of coffees."
    You're my hero Joe :)
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